Design Your Clothes Your Way WITH Stylish Embroidered Patches

Your child has a fancy dress competition coming up, and he/ she wants to be the best dressed. Halloween is around the corner, and you want to put in some effort into your costume? You have a traditional social event coming up, and you wish to stand out in the crowd? Has the inner designer in you sprung up suddenly? Did you go to a foreign country and loved their embroidery styles and patterns and want an authentic one back in America?

For all of these reasons and many more, here’s a great life hack that will almost instantaneously help you achieve a unique and personalized look at a price that doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket- embroidery!

The oldest designing tool, it has stood the mettle of time and is still in vogue.


There are several advantages of getting embroidery stitched on your clothes. Some of them include-

  • You can customize your look
  • You can keep the authenticity of the culture intact
  • You can design your patches and get them stitched on any garment
  • Getting patches made is the easiest way to imprint your favourite design

How are patches made?

These patches are made from the most advanced and popular computerized embroidery machine. There are Japanese and Chinese machines that serve this purpose, but the Japanese ones produce higher quality and finer embroidery. Different kinds of cloth material like felt, nylon, canvas, woven fabrics, etc. can be used as the base material.

Where should I look for such services?

Like most American services, even this can be found online. Simply search your browser for embroidered patches. They customize your design, deliver the product and also give you a quote on your artwork. Life is too short to be wasted on boring and basic clothes. Get experimental and order a patch today!

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