Quartz Crystals: How It Works And How To Use It

The use of healing crystals can be traced back to Ancient cultures from every corner of the globe. Their natural healing abilities, energy, and connection to Mother Earth have made crystals a popular tool for promoting mental, physical, and spiritual health. Above all of these crystals, one group stands out the most due to their incredible power and unique ability to amplify other stones: the quartz crystals.

What Are Quartz Crystals?

One look at the crystals Encinitas shop and you will see there are a number of different Quartz crystals. In general, all quartz are made of silicon dioxide that come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. These crystals are the most abundant type found on earth and since there are so many types of quartz crystals, they are naturally found all over our planet.

These crystals come in a prismatic shape with very little human intervention which adds to their value on the market. Despite the fact that they can be found easily they are still prized by the raw crystal industry.

Types Of Quartz

Discussing the many types of quartz crystals can take hours, which is why it is best to look for the most popular types when you start collecting from Crystals Encinitas shops. Having just one Clear Quartz in your possession will make a major difference in your life. Another popular type of quartz is the Rose Quartz which is always a dazzling beauty to add to any collection.

However, those who want to grow their quartz collection to include rare crystals can always challenge themselves by looking for the Ajoite in Quartz and the Starseed Quartz. Before trying to gather as many quartz crystals, it is best to know how they work and what they are commonly used for first.

How Do Quartz Heal?

The way this crystal work is by releasing all the negative energy that surrounds you and turning them into positive feelings and thoughts. Having a cluster of these crystals in one room will ensure that the energy within the space is kept positive and lively, helping everyone that stays within its confines.

It is also said that quartz have a very high natural vibration which helps those who use and wear the stone to connect with their angels as well as live a more peaceful existence. Quartz crystals are very potent are usually used as an aid when people go on a spiritual journey to discover themselves.

How Are Quartz Best Used?

The easiest way to make the most of any quartz crystal is to use them during your daily meditations. The crystal has the ability to enhance your natural flow which makes connecting to your spiritual nature easier. These stones are also great for healing yourself and others during a cleansing ritual.

Two very unique uses for this type of natural crystal is their ability to amplify the powers of other stones within their presence. Use quartz crystals to boost the energy and power of your other crystals to make them more effective. Their other unique use is their ability to cleanse other crystals. Putting the quartz inside a bag with the crystals that need cleaning will rid them of any bad energies they are harboring.

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